Christine Coyne

Collaborative Counseling

Some of our Basic Beliefs

Patients as Employers
The patient-consumer is encouraged to interview his/her prospective therapist before deciding whether or not to hire this person.

The patient-consumer is often right; the best therapist is often wrong.

The patient-consumer is viewed as a collaborator and working partner with the therapist. This is essential.

Psychotherapy is good research into the realities of life.

This research must be done in the context of an important, loving relationship. People are unique and complicated. Any psychotherapy that offers recipes oversimplifies and confuses rather than clarifies our understanding.

Deep psychotherapy involves the therapist encouraging the patient to consider and incorporate new beliefs.

The quality of life is more important than the quantity. The purpose of life is to enjoy, not to engage in self-sacrifice.

Most of our unhappiness is due to poor programming of the human computer.